Changes we want

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Changes we want.
We do things differently. Our philosophy is very simple: Profit is obviously important seen that no organization can afford not to strive for continuity or they will be out of business quickly, but more important for us are People and Planet. Profit can never be at the expense of people, humanity and sustainability.

We want to achieve this by product chain integration, i.e. giving back power to both the rice farmer and the consumer by eliminating as many middlemen as possible because not every middleman actually adds value to the product. By cutting the costs of the middlemen the margin will be sufficient to allow us pay the rice farmers a higher price, to help them innovate with new sustainable materials and processes and to have the consumer pay a lower price for high quality rice. See this video for a more detailed explanation:

This concept is not restricted to 1 type of rice or limited to any country at all; everywhere there are gains to be achieved. Moreover we take our corporate social responsibility (People and Planet) very serious, both at the beginning and at the end of the product chain.

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