Welkom to Waiana’s website.

Waiana was established based on the philosophy that by placing more emphasis on People and Planet than on Profit, we cannot only improve on the lives of rice farmers but we can also offer consumers a lower price for top quality rice. We will achieve this by disrupting the market and introducing innovative processes and improved efficiencies through our extensive knowledge and experience of the product and the market.

We don’t want to do business with just any rice mill or other traditional party, we want to add value that really matters to the product chain. Click on this link to see a short video about our philosophy and what drives us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woXOAhQS_N0.

In short, we want the ones who have worked the hardest to produce the rice to get more appreciation than what they are getting now.

Basically we want to buy directly from farmers, do all the processing ourselves and then sell directly to the customers the highest quality at the lowest price possible. We were the first to launch a webshop specialized in rice and ever since we have been market leader. Because we don’t only know the market, but can also offer direct access to the market and our thorough knowledge of the product through years of experience, it goes without saying that we’re the perfect partner to be collaborating with the rice farmers throughout the world.

Help us give rice a better taste while we make the world a better place.