We take our Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously.



Help us save the jobs of poor and traumatized Cambodian rice farmers and by doing that you will help lower the price one pays for rice.

Do you agree that the prices one pays in the shop for rice are too high? We too. Do you agree that the rice farmers deserve fair compensation for all the hard work they do to supply us with rice? We too.

Do you, as a consumer, feel powerless every time you read in the papers or hear it on the news that the prices of food items will rise again? https://www.businessinsider.com/why-are-food-prices-rising-grocery-restaurants-inflation-more-expensive-2021-6?international=true&r=US&IR=T. Or this one in Dutch: https://www.nu.nl/economie/6147299/van-shampoo-tot-pindakaas-het-wordt-allemaal-duurder-door-de-coronacrisis.html.

Don’t be. You’re not powerless. As a consumer you have more power than you think, you only just need to know how to use this power. And isn’t it wonderful that while exercising this power you at the same time help save jobs of rice farmers; the ones who have worked the hardest to make sure you get your food on the table?

Because of the high prices some suppliers secretly reduce the quality of the product and supply rice of lesser quality. Or they start selling smaller packages which results in you paying even more per money per unit or they put less product in the package. Recognizable? Whatever it may be, their Profit has to stay the same. But even then, as consumer you’re still not powerless.